Thinking with your Whole Brain in the Postmodernist era

Ya Gotta have Faith, a Faith, a Faith, ah!

In the 21st century, it’s almost deemed a little odd to have faith, maybe a little irrational. Personally, I think that attitude is a little sad. I have a Master’s based in the social sciences and post-modernist thinking really parks everything thing into two categories the scientific, quantitative stance or the qualitative stance. Well, I say post-modernist, that bit isn’t postmodernist, the quantitative/qualitative divide is common throughout the majority of the different research paradigms. Even the scientific paradigm acknowledges the qualitative, it just denigrated it as a proper research tool. But what I love about the postmodernist thinking, apart from the mixed methodology is the fresh view that the quantitative deals with the logical, rational objective brain, while the qualitative deals with the intuitive, random and subjective thinking. Thus postmodernist research extols the virtues of using both type of thinking to produce well-rounded research which examines all aspects, not jut some. I took this position in my own research, but it saddens me that mainstream society has not caught up.

In the late Victorian era, the modernist perspective came about rejecting religion and beliefs as ‘hokum’. In fact, anything that couldn’t be proved scientifically according to Popper?, I want to say Popper, but it’s a long time since I studied the emergence of rational thinking and the modernist perspective. Anyway, whomever the theorist was that gave definition of scientific research, they defined anything that couldn’t be disproved as unscientific. Well, that even put the works of Sigmund Freud in the unscientific camp. Freud uses case studies, which can’t be disproved and sit squarely in the qualitative camp. This thinking radiated into the wider social thinking and got stuck. So if you profess to have a faith in anything, often you get a slightly strange look as the person ups you in their Hippy-shit rating of you and suddenly decides you are way less rational and tethered in the real world than they first thought. Even if research and some aspects of societal thinking have progressed into the postmodern era, on the subject of faith and beliefs; it’s still stuck in the modernist era.

Personally, I am a revivalist Pagan of the Norse, Heathen persuasion, who practices Hindu based Yoga and Buddhist based Mindfulness meditation and talks about Universal energy and uses EAM to get inflow with it on daily basis. I take Homeopathic medicine prescribed by a dear friend alongside my normal medical medicine regime used for my medical condition because it can’t hurt and it might just do some good. A condition which is well documented on in scientific fields to be greatly lessened in severity by that Buddhist meditation and Hindu yoga even though it might quietly laugh at that Heathen religious overtones and would flat out laugh in my face if I talked about needing to clear my energy. But why accept some right-brained stuff and not accept the possibility of the others?

Seriously, I am postmodernist kinda girl. I agree with postmodernist thinking about thinking with different sides of your brain. So I’m my case, I’m going to celebrate that I have an intuitive, random, subjective side and celebrate it. I’m going to utterly accept my personal hippy-shit rating is about an 8 because I’ve damn-well proved I have a logical, rational, objective side from the education I have accomplished. I know, there is more to life than just that rational side. I believe going round just acknowledging the left brain logical thinking is limiting and harmful. It’s like disowning half of you and I wonder if that’s why so many people suffer self-esteem and self-confidence issues, are plagued by self-doubt and suffer terrible depression. Repressing half of you cannot be good for you emotionally, psychologically and even physically. I am absolutely OK with the intuitive side of me and I want to think with both sides of my brain. I am open to the hippy-shit curing side of me just as much as I am with the medical side, especially when it comes to my emotional and psychological health. But in my case, that means my physical side too. I am ready to think with both sides of my brain. I’m off to practice some hippy-shit, who’s with me? This girl has gotta have faith, a faith, a faith, ah!

3 thoughts on “Thinking with your Whole Brain in the Postmodernist era”

  1. For me, the reason I tend to dismiss spirituality is that it can’t prove anything to me. It’s great talking about universal energy fields etc but no one has ever been able to demonstrate to me it being put to use.

    I fully acknowledge that for some people it is a great and really useful way of thinking about things and handling your own brain. It’s just not for me, I’m a hard line scientific atheist and I take solace in that, for me, the universe is rational and explainable and that is comforting.

    Side note, it’s nice to be able to read your thinking on these subjects in the longer form.

    1. I respect your position and I like that it’s comforting for you. But just because you’re a purely rational scientific thinker, doesn’t mean you can’t do other stuff like Random Acts of Kindness. That shit is easy to sprinkle everywhere, no disbelief needed. I love that you came to reads the blog too 😀

      1. I agree, a scientific and rational approach does not in any way preclude you from being a kind person. Patton Owswalt (actually his Wife) said “Existence is Chaos, be Kind”.

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