Random Acts of Kindness

The effortless way to being an awesome human being!

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Random Acts of Kindness are, in my book, all kinds of awesome. I  came across it in Lush’s early days. I first came across Lush on the King’s Road in London when I went up to RAD to dance in my mid to late teens. I’d never seen anything like it in my upbringing in the arse-end of Hampshire. You can’t imagine my excitement when their shops starting popping up all over the place in my 20s, although it was still a travel to my nearest one. Roll on internet shopping and suddenly I didn’t need to travel to get my Lushy-goodness hit, I could order over the tinter-webs and get it delivered to m door- Bliss!!! My second order had a random act of kindness and a note to either keep it and use with their love or pay-it-forward and gift it to someone, bringing a smile to their face. I love surprise gifts and actually really loved it, so yes I kept it and used it. It made me the warm and fuzzies every time I used it.

I started trying Random Acts of Kindness out for myself. Seriously people, it is so easy and it doesn’t even need any money spending! if you’re waiting at the bus-stop and there’s a parent struggling with children, shopping and a buggy, help. If you get a freebie and don’t want it, pay it forward. If someone is looking sad, smile at them, or even say Hi. You never know how just such a small act can have a great effect of making someone else’s day better. If you have surplus food, share. Go find someone homeless and offer it to the them. If you have spare pennies, buy them a coffee. Buy a big Issue. Find your own way into that warm and fuzzy feeling. But overall, BE NICE.

Here are  a couple of examples of some huge Random Acts of Kindness. Warning; you may need tissues for some x


And a list of ones you can try





2 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness”

  1. I love random acts of kindness. Ever since I was at Dartford College I have been ‘paying it forward’. I didn’t have change for the coffee machine and a lady gave me a pound coin. I tried to find out where she was going to be next day so I could repay her, she told me to pay it forward so over the years I must have repaid her in the hundreds. I have carried shopping bags, held stuff for people given people lifts home. The opportunities are endless, don’t even have to look for them now. Nothing like a smile either. I’m the mad woman who smiles at strangers, talks to people in queues etc. We must continue to share. Thank you Jay.

  2. I have the most amazing friend! I wrote this blog about Random Acts of Kindness. I mentioned in it that I love Lush products because they do RAKs and this turned up in the post today! Thank you soooo much, you are such an amazing person! ❤️🙏❤️ #randomactsofkindness #sograteful

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