Energy Alignment Method (EAM)

Getting Ma Sway On!

Hippy-shit rating 4-7 depending how deep into the whole Universal Energy thang you (wanna) go
Difficulty rating 3
Training Necessary 6

Ok, so I had to do this one because it is my FAAAAAAVOURITE method/tool/modality. I use it every day, at least a little bit. You can pretty much EAM any fucking thing you need to. But, I have no idea where to start. It’s huge. I mean massive. I’ve done the 5 days to flow, the 7 days Fear to Freedom and I went to the recent Energy Emergence 2 day Event, which was quite possibly the Awesomeist thing I have done this year so far. I love it, love it, love it. Can you tell I like it quite a bit? However, I know this is only the tip of the EAM iceburg, leaving me drooling for more. There are much deeper courses you can do and I am definitely aiming for those. In fact, it was the Emergence Event that cemented the blog and the book ideas, and got me to try it out after the post stage 5, vision mediation GSD section. GSD? Get Shit Done. In EAM terms, its all very well clearing your energy, creating a vision of what you want to achieve and telling the universe ‘THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO MAKE HAPPEN!’; if you don’t action it afterwards. You have your bit to do. You’ve gotta prove to the Universe you want this by starting off and GETTING SHIT DONE! Take at least a couple of baby steps towards your goal, and put some momentum behind that intention! #GSD; I love Yvette’s terminology, It’s as bad as mine.

This is Yvette Taylor, the, um, I want to stay inventor, but maybe compiler would be a better adjective. I don’t know entirely. You may find this post edited if I can get Yvette to read it, she may provide me with the correct terminology. Nonetheless, this gorgeous lady is Yvette Taylor, founder of EAM. Yes, I totally stole this picture from the EAM Facebook page (Links below). One day I might do a bit of a Fangirl blog about her, she really is and inspirational teacher who walks her fucking talk. Every Fucking Day. I have in mind another couple about Gabby Bernstein and Lisa Lister too, another two awesome inspirational teachers. I’d love to do one on the Wonderful Rich Lister, because he IS the dude to go to for yoga Nidra. But that as they say, is another story children…and another couple of blogs….moving swiftly along…

So, What is EAM?

According to the Energy Emergence workbook from the 2 day event; EAM is a bridge between Eastern and Western principles blending Eastern Spiritual principles and Universal Laws (hence the medium-to-high hippy-shit rating) with Western psychology, neuroscience and stuff like that.  It’s 5 step process aims to enable you to achieve an alignment between your physiological , psychological and energetic levels allowing you to ‘transform any spiritual, mental, emotional or physical resistance you have’. Seriously, you can EAM ANYTHING!

The Premise

Everything is energy! Ok, so that statement isn’t very descriptive, but very accurate. Think back to your physics and chemistry lessons. Each atom vibrates at it’s own level. When you combine atoms into an element or a compound, they then have their own vibrational frequency. Everything is made up of those atoms, the wall, the door, the seat you’re sat on, the food you eat, the water you drink, YOU! We actually only perceive a really small amount of the vibrational frequency there is. No matter what, we see it, feel it, smell it, taste it, experience it; it’s all energy. So, when it comes to what we actually experience energy-wise it gets stored or processed in one of three ways; it’s either in-flow, resistant or reversed. Resistant and reversed energy gets stuck in our own personal energy patterns  and WREAK HAVOC in our lives.

So, If you are chugging along doing your thang and it’s all going well; you’re probably inflow. If something is upsetting you and you ‘don’ wanna’, that’s resistant energy. If you experienced stuff when you weren’t ready or didn’t have a coping strategy, that point when you froze in fear or shock, yep, you guessed it, you get reversed energy. You know those ones, the ones where you want to curl up in a ball and never come out again? Those experiences that a friend calls ‘Another Fucking Learning Experience’. However, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to stay that way, and the great thing with EAM compared with say, psychoanalysis, you don’t have to relive anything to release that stuck energy, cool huh? Think back to that Chemistry lesson where you watched Ice turn into water then into gas. Yes that class. In energetic terms it’s called changing energy states. So, when you release that shit, you change it’s state and move that previously stuck energy out of your pattern. Simples.

So what’s the 5 step process?
  1. Step 1: You ask;  you ask a question that you want clarity on
  2. Step 2: You Move; your body will respond with a yes or no; You’ll sway
  3. Step 3: You Experience; you work out what is going on in your energy, inflow, resistant or reversed
  4. Step 4: You Transform; you release the fuckers! ‘Release me, release my body’…sing along people!!
  5. Step 5: You Manifest; you replace whatever it is, with whatever you want going forward. Repeat three times or Keep going to your body sways forward.
What the Fuck is the Sway, Jay?

Ahha! actually, that’s really easy. Have you ever dowsed? Cool. so if you have, rods or pendulum you’ll realise you’re asking your own energy, your subconscious. Some theories say you’re asking your aura, which interacts with the universe at large, others say it’s just you talking to your subconscious mind. If you don’t dowse, it’s a method for finding the unknown; water, oil, or int this case; subconscious questions. In most cases, people use a dowsing crystal or dowsing rods. In this case, you use your body as a dowsing instrument! cool, huh? Normally if you sway forward it’s a yes and backwards its a no. If you don’t, it’s normally a sign of a reversal. Seriously, its a massively awesome thing when you realise you can use your body as a dowsing implement…Oh Myyyyyy.

BTW, this is the very, very basics of EAM. But there is soooooo much more to it than this. I. just. cant. explain. in .one. go. brain. will. explode.

Oi, Jay, I am so interested, I want to find out more!!!

Ok, so that’s really easy. Even though I might have been the first batch who went through the 5 days to flow challenge; it’s still open to new participants. Yes I am using the language of experiments, because it is, actually, a study. If you participate in it, you agree to be in a study, but that makes it free, See?

Follow the link below and ask the lovely Yvette if you can join in. Just that study was pretty fucking life-changing for me. Enough to make me truly appreciated this method, Wanna try it?



What, this challenge?

Nah, no you don’t. Too hippy-shit for you.


I’ll unlock the door to my favourite tool, but only if you promise to behave.

Good; here you go. Go ask Yvette nicely if you can join in.

So, I’ll see you around the Hub 😉


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