Compassion Costs Nothing

Hi Spiritual Seekers and Toolkitters,

I totally have to apologise for the sporadic nature of my blogging, what can I say? Life…it happens… at me. It continues to happen right now.  There is likely to be even more sporadicness, so please, please, please bear with.

Today, I’m blogging over breakfast before I get stuck into some serious study. An email hiccup meant I didn’t realise I had a yoga teacher’s exam coming up. I’m exam phobic, having one sprung on you almost last minute is HUGE! I’m in an Oh My Fucking Gods panic. So I have to practice what I preach a lot and use meditation. I must tell you about this amazing free meditation app someone pointed me at, Insight Timer, but that’s for another blog, another day. So yer, Life, it happens, continually.

But talking about the Insight Timer app links in very nicely with today’s blog over breakfast. The other day, I was having one of those days that when described as ‘not going to plan’ was the fucking understatement of the year. One of those days you’re seriously understaffed at work that day because…, something breaks, you feel like shit, you have a million things to do on your to-do list, and you’ve just discovered you’re allergic to some of the medication that keeps you standing and functioning in a near-normal capacity. The kind of day where you find yourself uttering ‘for fuck’s sake’ A LOT. So, in the middle of all that, a young man having a sensory overload wobble was put across my path.

He had been swearing and shouting a lot and was clearly agitated. Shaved head, tattoos, ripped in the muscle department. The type of look old ladies tut about and TV/films demonise as looking far right. Someone else had already calmed him down to the speaking-not-shouting point, but he was clearly still in an agitated state. He started talking about his new interest in spirituality and meditation to help him cope emotionally. That was like someone holding a lightbulb over his head to me, I had an in, something I could talk about with him.

I was with people who don’t really know how spiritual I am, and yer, I’m not awfully comfortable about talking about it in front of them, but that lad needed something to focus on other than feeling agitated. So I listened to him, I mean really listened to him. I repeated back the stuff he was talking about to clarify, then, as he admitted he was a pretty much newbie at meditation and spirituality, I dropped in some basic Buddhist teaching like ‘this is a moment of suffering, this too shall pass’ and a bit of ‘projection is perception’ when he was starting up ranting about how others had been treating him. Then I upped it it a little bit more on the hippy-shit rating, talking about how if your vibrating at a low, angry state, you’ll attract low, angry people; but if you raise your vibration, you’ll attract happier, higher vibrating people. By that point the people I was with were quietly giving me that ‘you’ve just grown an extra head, you wierdass’ look (Oh, if they only knew the truth). But it was helping. All I was really doing was empathising and showing him some compassion. Having someone show compassion instead of treating him badly because of his look, which in truth seemed to be one of the things he was agitated about; really seemed to help. He calmed down and we managed to get him somewhere quieter to sit and breathe and go the rest of the way. Job done and I thought nothing of it.

Until today, when I got a message of thanks passed to me. That time I spent listening and calming him down had really meant something to him and he wanted to reach out and thank me. Gave me the utter warm and fuzzies. It reminded me compassion costs nothing, but it can really change the day for someone else. I must try and get the name of the Insight Timer app to him, as I clean forgot it’s name in the middle of things, but I did describe it…

So, compassion; costs nothing. Spread that shit everywhere!


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