Calibrating the Hippy-shit rating and how the blog was born

Now this subject probably causes the most arguments in my house. Living with two ardent atheists when you’re spiritual can be very hard at times, but it does lead to some lively debates! The fourth, more spiritual one moved out recently to relocate to another city so I’m kinda out numbered here. My particular flavour spirituality is Heathenry, worshipping the Norse Gods Odin, Frigga, Thor etc. I say worshiping in the loosest of terms because my general version extends to having a chat with them like I’m talking to an imaginary friend. I am a very 21st century person with a tendency to the hatching, matching and dispatching version of worship. Although what’s not to like about a ritual that leaves you feeling hungover the morning after, and the oaths and boasts section gets funnier and funnier the more horn goes round. However, I digress as what my particular religious bent is utterly irrelevant to this blog. This blog is NOT about teaching doctrine. It IS about teaching survival tools as an antidote to the completely secular, consumerist, non-stop, 24/7, work hard/play hard, sleep when you die, lifestyle we currently endure living in the western civilisation we do. But also, the point is; I realise my hippy-shit tolerance set point isset a little higher than my fellow living companions.

Ok, so honestly, when you’ve been exposed to A Course In Miracles (ACIM), everything else looks low to zero. Those books are hippy-shit to the XXL+. Even I struggle with them. My current tolerance to them is about one page every three days before I want to take the combined book I own and throw it!!!! The trouble is, some of my favourite Spiritual Commentators, like Gabby Bernstein [hippy-shit rating mid-to-high] quote it a lot with a lot of reverence, like it’s the key to life, the Universe and everything. So I kinda want to know what they’re on about. As an aside, those of us who are properly informed know that that the meaning to life, the Universe and everything is actually the number 42. No? Anyway, moving swiftly along from that digression… My curiosity is really high, but the way the information is presented in ACIM is just totally inaccessible to anyone but the most avid Christian or dedicated spiritual seeker (and I highly recommend it if you are). To be fair, it’s really hard to read without launching if you’re a more average bod. I just can’t digest that much high level, bible quoting Christianity in one hit, even if it’s utterly with the best intentions.

Consequently, these experiences led to the hippy-shit rating being born. Just so my beloved household companions could be warned off if they tried asking me what I was reading/doing/experimenting with. If it was too high, I could just tell them and watch them back away quickly. But there have been some utter notable surprises. I’ve been doing Yoga for well over 20 years [I’m an ex-dancer, it was common practice even 20+years ago, even though the hippy-shit rating was high then]. So for sooo many years I had the chronic piss taken out of me as soon as I started unrolling my mat. Then one day, he that shall remain nameless, picked up my spare mat, unrolled it next to me and said, ‘So how do I do this?’. He and a ton of friends are now waiting for me to complete my yoga teaching diploma this year, so I can start my own class. Thus, even if something has a high hippy-shit rating, it can lower over time, and that doesn’t mean it isn’t a useful tool even for the ardent atheist!

To calibrate my hippy-shit rating I have an ace up my sleeve. My oldest friend is another ardent atheist. I’m really open and utterly try to be non-judgy, so I have friends with all sorts of beliefs, believe. Anyways, my oldest friend was suffering quite acute anxiety. Modern life had taken a huge chunk out of her, she had wobbled and was struggling to leave the house. Luckily, so has a best-friend who happens to be Buddhist. Ok, I’m lucky to be surrounded by wonderful people who believe, like me, it’s ok to have your own beliefs as long as you respect I have mine…or none. And so, the Buddhist BFF taught my oldest friend mindfulness meditation to ease her anxiety. You know what? It WORKED! There was no actual Buddhism taught, but the method created a huge shift in how Oldest friend coped with things that stressed her out. Thus, my oldest friend is arbitrator of the hippy-shit calibration. She doesn’t live with me, so isn’t exposed to all the stuff I investigate before we discuss how hippy-shit something is. It seems to work and if it aint broke; don’t fix it.

Truthfully, this incident is one of the things that led to this blog. It showed me that what were once tools possessed purely by one religion/sect/belief-system, were now, in a multicultural 21st Century culture, out there and available to use; for everyone’s benefit. As I’ve said before, the Buddhist are pretty progressive about this and were totally ahead of the game in that department. I give them a lot of kudos for it. The trick is to give these tools exposure to people who in other ways might not get exposed to them and reap that aforementioned benefit. That’s how the blog was born.

BTW: favour to ask dear readers; if I get a hippy-shit calibration out massively; let me know. Comment below, on the Facebook page or in the attached group. It’s there for discussion, so I extend an respectful open invite to use it. Let me know what you thing of what I’m writing about. is there something you love and want to share?

PS: an edit has been requested by the Calibrating team. They wanted a 0-10 Hippy-shit rating put in with  0 being utterly mainstream, no suspension of disbelief need to 10, You need to be mega spiritual to cope with this material, and even then you might struggle. Well, that’s my version of the rating. Theirs included not able to be let out in public unsupervised and involved dancing with unicorns. But not to offend the unicorns in the room and those that like dancing with them, I changed it. So, there!

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