Another eco life hack: swim caps

CFS/ME has given me super-sensitive skin. I can no longer dye my hair using traditional dyes (or even use non solid shampoos, but that’s a different story). But I still want to get rid of those odd greys; So I henna. (Ok, so I have reddish hair naturally so it doesn’t look odd. I used Lush Caca henna if you want to know πŸ˜‰)

But hennaing calls for a plastic wrap…for hours. Clingfilm is s single use plastic so it butted right up against my hatred of plastic pollution 😱. Hennaing is supposed to be more eco friendly right? Well not if I have to use bloody clingfilm to wrap my hair it’s bloody not 😠.

πŸ€” Solution: I’m a swimmer, I have silicone swim hats. I just repurposed one of those.

Tada: reusable head wrap for hennaing, no plastic, no waste! πŸ€—

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