Who is Spirituality for Survival in the 21st Century  for?

Spirituality for survival is for everyone and anyone living in the 21st century who has got to point of saying ‘Is this all there is?’ Usually with a horrible accompanying sinking feeling there’s a hole in their life they just can’t fill.¬†Its for those who need a break, those who need a little oasis of peace and calm in this never ending, fast paced 21st Century life; the stressed out, the burnt out, the sleep deprived and the cynical and jaded. Anyone who just needs some tools to get back to that easy, chilled-out, positive, happy person they used to be. Remember them? When’s the last time you saw that person?

You don’t even have to be Spiritual, I have a ‘hippy-shit’ rating for those who want to learn to meditate, tap, yoga or even EAM without having some sort of divinity shoved down their throat. And for those seeking out what the Universe has in store for them? Yep, I got your back too.